About Us


BioIntegral Surgical, Inc. is focused on all-biological cardiovascular implants which are designed both enhance outcomes and reduce complications in critical care for pediatric and adult patients.

Balancing the most durable designs, biocompatible materials and quickest to implant devices, the implants are meant to eliminate the ordinary compromises and short-comings of other devices. Other devices don’t have permanently fixed tissue, leach toxic residuals, use synthetic materials or have cheaper-to-manufacture designs which compromise the redistribution of force and longevity. 

Contact us or your BioIntegral Surgical representative for more information about how these high-performance devices can help assure you the best long-term outcomes. 


Company core values


  1. Excellence.  We commit to make the best, high-quality devices available globally

  2. Initiative.  We value initiative to improve the capabilities of the company although not at the expense of quality

  3. Integrity. We strive for integrity in our decisions and products

  4. Ownership.  We instill a sense of ownership for each employee

  5. Education.   We aim to educate each other so we can make the best decisions and produce the best results together

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