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More than 300 000 implants.


The No-React treated pericardial patches are highly durable, easy to handle without the need of pre-operative rinsing, and available in various sizes.

Exceptional long-term resilience and durability

Demonstrated 100% biocompatibility and low cytotoxicity

Excellent suture reapproximation, reduced need for hemostatic agents

Extremely low rates of infection and thrombogenicity

Total mitigation of calcification, regardless of age

High tensile and pull strength, uniform suture retention

No Anti-HLA Antibodies

Elevated levels of Anti-HLA antibodies are correlated to early acute and chronic rejections and worsen pediatric cardiac transplantations. The No-React treated patches do not produce Anti-HLA antibodies and are excellent candidates for pediatric surgery, cardiac surgery, and vascular surgery.


  • Intracardiac patch to close intercavity defects
  • Enlargement of aortic roots
  • Pericardial closure
  • Soft tissue repair


  • Patients with active sternal infections
  • As pericardial closures in immunosuppressed patients

Reduced rates of infection and adhesion

No-React treated tissue has been shown to inhibit inflammatory reactions and resist infection while preserving cellular and connective tissue structures. It is highly resistive to adhesions, even in pediatrics.

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